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Google Ads - Paid Search

Getting started with advertising on Google can be daunting. Get the experts to help you manage your Google Ads and learn along the way.

It is estimated that Google processes approximately 70,000 search queries every second, translating to 5.8 billion searches per day and approximately 2 trillion global searches per year. (Hubspot)

Advertising With Google

Google Ads, originally called AdWords allow you to place your brand in front of the customers that are looking for you. When search engine competition is steep, AK Newtwork Solutions helps you manage your Google Ads to keep the costs of your ads down and conversion rates up.

AK Newtwork Solutions also offers custom Google Ads training courses for individuals, agencies, and businesses.

Targeting the Right Audience

If you are not advertising on Google then you are missing out on lots of business. Your competitors are running Google Ads marketing campaigns and targeting your customers. Google ads is a form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Any PPC agency will recommend Google ads.

Building the right ads for the right audience and also finding people looking for the most relevant topics your business represents is essential. A Google Ads agency with years of experience can prevent you from making costly paid search mistakes.

Google Ads Management
AK Network Solutions is a Google partner that has a decade of experience running Google Ad (previously Google AdWords) campaigns. We have amassed countless hours developing strategies that work quickly and effectively by using a three-tiered approach for our clients. Let our Google ads services team help you create and execute the best campaign for your business. We are a top-rated Google Ads agency and our Google Ads team can help you with your Google Ads management.
Campaign Success

Successful businesses have one thing in common. They all have effective advertising. In today’s digital world, this equates to having effective digital marketing and AdWords management services. Successful companies today all need to have a digital marketing firm that is experienced and knows how to navigate the digital landscape.

Having experts to run your Google Ads campaigns will have several benefits:

  • You won’t waste time trying to figure out what works
  • You will not waste money by running ineffective ads
  • You’ll see more traffic, clicks, and conversions
  • You will spend your budget intelligently

Our professional team will create a online advertising campaign for your business that will generate the results you are looking for. We also can refresh your current campaign if it has become stale or if it is not generating the results that you are expecting.

Google AdWords and Campaign Management

We have run countless campaigns and will not waste your ad spend with trial and error. We have the experience and the knowledge to create an outstanding product for you that will fill all of your needs.

Some Google advertising agencies may entice you Google Ads certified winning keywords. However, they may be misleading you. The best tool for a successful marketing campaign is experience, even more so than having a Google AdWords certified certificate.

AdWords Campaigns

A Google Ads management campaign requires more than simply waiting for clicks. A proactive approach is required to get the best results. The ads need to be displayed in front of the correct audience. You also should not be paying too much for the keywords if they are not going to provide you the with the best conversion rates of the most ROI.

AdWords Research

Before we even put a finger on the keyboard, the first thing we will do will be to research your industry, company, and products to gain a full understanding of your business. We will then evaluate your existing campaigns, if you are running one, in order to find the missing pieces.

We have found that by taking the time to understand and become more knowledgeable about what services and products you offer, the better results we can provide.

AdWords Strategy

Our strategy is yet to be developed. That is because our strategy is a collaborative effort between us and you. We will not just run a cookie-cutter approach for you and hope for the best. We will need to discuss your business’s goals before we get started.

Some companies are looking to expand brand recognition. Some of our clients want to generate more leads. Others are looking to drive more traffic to their site. A member of our Google Ads Consultant team will speak with you about the path that you want to take.

Campaign Setup

We cannot begin our ad campaign until we understand your motivations and needs. Once we all agree on a online advertising strategy, we will begin to structure your ad groups, retargeting lists, product info, negative keywords, and more.

We will associate these with your targeted audience so that you can have the most successful ads while maintaining a successful budget.

While some Adwords agencies may rely on Google AdWords express or the Google Adwords keyword tool, we have a more sophisticated method of finding and using the best keywords for your business that is even better than AdWords keyword planner. Our responsive search ads paired with the Google display network mean that the best ad will be in front of the best audience.

Google Ads Success

Just like any successful project, you need Google ads management to optimize results. It is not a ‘set it and forget it’ sort of business. It requires attention and fine-tuning in order to get the best ROI. As your Google ads consultant, we will focus on a number of criteria throughout the life of the campaign. These are some of the items our Google Ads services team will review:

  • AdWords analysis
  • Keyword planner
  • Assessing negative keywords
  • Updating landing pages
Google Advertising

Google offers a huge variety of ad formats for any number of options. Once you open a Google Ads account, you will quickly come to realize that there are quite a few choices. From Google display Ads to Google shopping ads through video ads, you will have a large variety from which to select the right PPC advertising. AK Network Solutions can help as your Google campaign manager and we will do the Google adsense sign up for you as well.

Companies that advertise on Google often ask about Google Ads pricing. Google Ads costs are based on a PPC system. The average cost per click for a Google PPC Ad can vary wildly. However, it is easy to control your ad spend.

A Google Ads setting can limit the amount that can be spent. The Google account AdSense features are rich and allow for a variety of customizable changes to your display campaign on Google, the Google display network, or mobile apps (on AdMob Google).

Google Shopping Campaigns

With a Google Shopping campaign, you can place your products directly in front of your potential customers. Whenever a user searches for a product you sell, your product feed will be displayed right at the top of the page.

Think about the benefits of having your item at the top of the results page. A user will not have to scroll down or click on a site to get to your products.

The experts on our Google Adword team can create the ideal text, perfect photography, and enticing ads that will bring customers right to your products rather than your competitors.

Set Your Budget

Start with an online advertising budget and allow us to optimize your ads to reduce costs.

Create a Timeline

We recommend at least 3-months of Google Ads to optimize your return on investment.

Grow Your Business

You are getting customers now without advertising on Google. Imagine the possibilities online.

Google Ads Agency
AK Network Solutions is a digital marketing agency with years of experience creating thousands of ad campaigns for clients across North America. Our unique style and approach to each campaign is what sets us apart from our competitors. The only way that we succeed is if your business succeeds as well.

Let's do great work together.

  • 01 Research & Insight Good research and insight work transcends channels and should always be the starting point for any new campaign.
  • 02 Strategy Alignment Our strategic approach ensures that our work is aligned with your wider business and marketing goals.
  • 03 Execution We are a full-service agency that can complement your internal resources with any designing, development, analytics and digital marketing service.