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Google Data Studio

Whether you’re a business leader or a marketing professional, your business is generating a great deal of data at any given moment. Analyzing those high volumes of data is essential to gathering important insight about how customers are interacting with your business and where you can improve.

Google Data Studio is a free platform that businesses can use to view their company’s data in easy-to-navigate dashboards. With Google Data Studio, you can customize what kinds of data reporting you see on the dashboard and can then use their data visualization tools to make your data easier to view and understand. You’ll then be able to share those reports with other key personnel in your company so that everyone is on the same page.

Marketers will find Google Data Studio especially handy since it is compatible with data from a wide variety of channels, including Google Ads, Google Analytics, major databases, flat files, and common social media platforms. That means you can customize your dashboard to view data from any of these major streams to see how your ads are performing or what social media campaigns have been most successful.

When working in Google Data Studio, you always have the option to configure your data the way you want to view it. You can create charts, graphs, geo maps, and data tables all in one convenient location. You’re always able to add logos, images, and text to your reports to keep your brand front and center.

Businesses will often ignore their data, meaning that they lose out on critical, actionable insight that is waiting to be explored. Google Data Studio offers you the tools to turn your turn into helpful next steps that will help you make wiser marketing decisions and keep you ahead of the competition.

How can I get Google Data Studio?

When you’re first getting started with the platform, you’ll have to make sure that your data is ready to go and that you have customized your dashboard to show the results that you want to see. Here are some of the key steps to getting Google Data Studio set up and making it work for your business.

Link to your business’s existing Google account

When you first log in to Google Data Studio, it’s a good idea to use the Google account that already manages your Google Ads or Google Analytics. That makes sure all your data is stored in one convenient, compatible virtual workspace. Luckily, Google Data Studio accepts data from a wide range of sources. You can easily keep track of where your data is coming from and add more data sources in the ‘Data Sources’ tab of your dashboard.

Customize your dashboard to reflect the metrics you want to see

Raw data can be overwhelming. For those in your business and key stakeholders, it’s important to transform that data into something meaningful and visually appealing. With Google Data Studio, data visualization is always easy, colorful, and personalized. You always have the option to customize your dashboard to reflect the metrics that matter most to your business.

You can create graphs, charts, and tables with dimensions and descriptions that make sense for your data. That means if you really care about how many page views your ecommerce site is getting over the course of a month, how many people are clicking on your company’s new Instagram ad, or what your revenue has looked like over the last year, you can make sure all those numbers are ready to view whenever you log in to the data studio.

Design eye-catching reports

Once you have all your most important data metrics in one spot, it’s time to make them presentable to a wider audience—like clients, stakeholders, or others in your business who can use the insight to make more informed decisions. Google Data Studio offers a wide variety of customizable settings to help you make your data reports unique and eye-popping.

You can set the report’s style, layout, and theme and choose from a range of colors and fonts to make sure your data sticks to its signature brand. Another helpful feature allows you to automatically schedule the generation of regular reports so that you don’t have to manually worry about it every day, week, or month. With Google Data Studio, everyone in your business will stay in the loop.

How good is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio has some exciting features that can help you turn your data into eye-catching graphics that will help everyone in your company know what’s going on. Google’s Marketing Platform is well-equipped to make sure your marketing data is understandable and insightful.

Here are some of the top features to expect with Google Data Studio:

Data Connectors

When you’re trying to connect your multiple channels of data, Google Data Studio provides access to quality data connectors that ensure your data makes it smoothly into the Data Studio workspace.

Data Transformation

Raw data is not always convenient and understandable for new viewers. Google Data Studio offers customizable tools to transform your original metrics into easy-to-understand descriptors for charts, graphs, and tables.

Data Visualization

It’s important to make sure your data speaks for your company. Google Data Studio is designed to help you easily portray your data in visually appealing graphics and displays. Customize your data presentation in ways that work for your business and keep everyone up to date about the status of your company’s marketing and sales performance.

Sharing and Collaboration

You aren’t the only one who needs to keep track of key metrics in your company. Google Data Studio lets you share your data and collaborate on projects, so all your leaders can get to work gathering insight and making smarter decisions for your business. Authorized users can view data reports, customize your data studio dashboard, and work together to find data-driven solutions.


Data analyzers of all backgrounds and experience levels can find a home with Google Data Studio technology. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy-to-navigate, so those who are new to analytics should be able to jump right in and start finding high-quality insight. But that doesn’t mean more experienced marketers or analysts can’t find what they’re looking for in Google’s workspace. With a wide range of features and services, all analysts will be sure to get what they need.

What are the benefits of using Google Data Studio?

If you’re still considering what role Google Data Studio could play in your business’s digital marketing strategy, here are some of the top benefits you can expect from it:

  • Connect data from hundreds of different sources
  • Compatibility with other Google products and platforms to streamline your data analysis
  • User-friendly customization tools to make sure your data always looks the way you want it
  • Advanced formulas for getting more out of your data
  • Share your reports seamlessly to work together with others in your company
  • Make smarter, more strategic marketing decisions when you’re armed with high-quality data
Use Data To Improve Decision Making

With Google Data Studio, better business decisions are right around the corner. Many business leaders neglect to engage with the large volume of data available to them.

Don’t waste the insight that can start guiding how you engage with your customers and what marketing strategies you try next. Here are some areas of your business that can monitor and improve with data-driven insights:

  • Track how many people visit your site or online store
  • Analyze the success of your web and social media ads to see which ones draw the most customers
  • View how customers are finding your site and how long they’re staying there
  • Organize your revenue into a graph to see what times lead to slow or peak sales
  • Manage customer feedback and find out how customers really feel about your brand
  • Keep track of how many transactions your company is managing on a regular basis

Google Data Studio will help you visualize your key metrics in one easy-to-use platform. With data like this, you’ll be able to make important decisions with more confidence.

Using Google Data Studio with AK Network Solutions

Harnessing the power of your company’s data can give you important insight about where your business’s strengths and weaknesses lie. But it isn’t always easy to monitor and keep up with the constant stream of data your business generates every day.

AK Network Solutuions is ready to help. Our experienced digital marketing specialists will work with your business to get you set up with Google Data Studio. With the help of our professional services, you won’t be stuck managing the time-consuming, day-to-day work of managing your company’s data analysis. You can trust our professionals to get straight to the insights you’re looking for that will help your business run smoother and more effectively.


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