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PPC Remarketing

Remarketing to users that have already engaged with your website and brand can be a highly profitable way to convert users into customers, often at a much lower cost than other channels. We have experience of running remarketing campaigns for a range of B2B and B2C clients and successfully achieving an increase in profitable sales.

Data is Key

Here at TDM we love data! The more insight we have on how likely a particular type of user will convert, the more opportunity we have for improving a campaigns’ performance.

Do returning users convert better than new users? Will users that abandon their checkout reconsider purchasing if they’re offered a discount or free delivery? Answers to such questions influence the cost we’re willing to pay for a user’s click and the ad copy we serve, which ultimately leads to achieving sales at the best possible cost per click (CPC).

Our PPC Remarketing Services

Our remarketing services are implemented in two possible ways. With every client we ensure a custom PPC management strategy is put in place from the beginning. As a campaign progresses we build an understanding and refine the channels that work for your business.

PPC Remarketing on the Google Display Network

The Google Display Network allows you to target past customers or visitors as they browse the web. We are able to carefully segment your audience and serve ads to them for a variety of purposes.

As a communication tool, the Google Display Network can be used to tell previous customers about a sale you’re starting or a new product or service you’re launching. If you have a particularly large product range, we can build audiences based on areas or pages of the site that have been viewed.

The possibilities are endless, but the end goal is the same; to attract valuable customers for the best possible ROI.

RSLAs (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads)

RLSAs enable us to create and serve tailored search ads to users that have already engaged with your brand. One way that we can do this is by setting up search ad groups that will only trigger ads to show if a user is on your remarketing list and is searching for keywords that you have been bidding on.

If a user has recently visited your website and added a product to their basket, we can use RLSAs to help encourage a conversion. Through RLSAs we can develop a tailored ad copy that provide a diferent message to each customer depending on their search behaviour. For example, we could tailor a 5% off product discount ad to target a customer who has previously been browsing that product range.

As well as using them for tailored ads, we also use RLSAs for bid adjustments and keyword targeting. Based on customer behaviour, we can make bid adjustments on your ad groups for remarketing list users who are searching on Google for the keywords that you have been bidding on. We are able to increase and decrease bids on the Search Network depending on the user behaviour across your site. When using RLSAs data is key, and allows us to use bidding strategies that will most likely bring in the sales with the best possible ROI.

We also use RLSAs to target keywords that are not as expensive as they would have been without RLSA in place. By using the remarketing lists for search ads, we are able to expand our search for broader keywords without it being too costly.

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic remarketing is a method that allows us to tailor ads to your website visitors, and provide your audience with a tailored message.

In AdWords, dynamic remarketing can help predict which dynamic advert layout bests suits each potential customer. It will determine which layout will perform the best for different audiences, platforms, and placements in order to help us create the best advert possible for your audience.

Video Remarketing

Video remarketing is a great marketing technique that allows us to target your audience members who have previously interacted with your videos or Youtube Channel.

By linking your Youtube channel to AdWords, we can create remarketing lists so that we can best tailor ads to people who have already seen one of your videos.


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